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Maritiman Göteborg

Virvelinas world

The children’s adventure starts here


Virvelina is the children’s best friend on board. She is inventive, smart and adventurous. Above all, she knows loads about boats and the sea. But she still always needs help from new little recruits and she is happy to tell them everything about the ships and her adventures.

Virvelina always has new ideas, inventions and brain-teasers on the go, and she is simply fantastic when it comes to teaching people new things. She prefers to stay on our submarine, which she insists on calling Nordis (although the museum manager says that it is called Nordkaparen). But whererever you go on our facilities, there is a big chance she will pop up and say hi or wonder if you would like to hang out. By the way, you’ll recognise her by her self-made diver’s suit and the special goggles that she found in an old chest in her grandfather’s workshop.

Virvelina’s best friend is called Tim. Tim is a real nerd, in the best sense of the word! He is fascinated by science, and in particular the marine sciences. He can sometimes be a little shy and retiring, but just wait until he puts on his lab coat. Then nothing can shake his self-confidence. Virvelina and Tim form the perfect pair and complement one another brilliantly. Virvelina’s love of adventure often leads to her and Tim heading off on voyages of discovery that he may initially be unsure about, but which almost always end up being a huge success. Tim contributes with smart solutions to the problems they face, and Virvelina finds it difficult not to be affected by his commitment to the sea and its inhabitants. The common bond between Tim and Virvelina is their huge interest in Maritiman. Here they spend lots of their time in Tim's ocean lab, and they also have their own little lab truck which they take out to Maritiman’s visitors so that they can do cool experiments together with visiting children.

Did you know that you can have your birthday party onboard? Then you and all your mates get the opportunity to celebrate togheter with Tim or Virvelina!

Maritiman Göteborg
Maritiman Göteborg