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Maritiman Göteborg - Minutläggaren HMS Kalmarsund (MUL 13)

HMS Kalmarsund

Minelayer HMS Kalmarsund (MUL 13)

Minelayer no. 13, the Kalmarsund, was built at the naval dockyard in Stockholm and came into service in 1953. She was stationed in Karlskrona and used for maintenance work and repairs to the coastal artillery’s permanent mines and for training officers and conscripts in navigation and mine service. In 2001 the Kalmarsund was transferred to the Älvsborg Amphibious Regiment, Amf 4, in Gothenburg. There her main task was to serve as a support and accommodation during training and exercises until she was decommissioned.

The Kalmarsund is currently rented to Chalmers University of Technology, and is located at Eriksberg. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to board the Kalmarsund.