Activites onboard

At Maritiman, there is usually full speed ahead with both children's activities and guided tours every day. But now during the corona pandemic, we have chosen to pause all program activities that may cause crowds. Instead, we focus on digital activities on board, where you can explore the ships on your own with the help of an informative audio guide or an exciting quiz. Our guides also do spontaneous guided tours and activities for individual groups. They are happy to share their knowledge, answer questions and give you their best tips. Tim's ocean lab with eleven different stations will be available for laboratory work on your own. As long as the corona pandemic requires, this is our regular program.

Last but not least, don't forget to explore our different exhibitions. They are all included in the entrance fee and well worth a visit. 


The ships are open to visitors with pre-booked arrival times.


Tim's ocean lab is ready for you to explore on your own.

The pontoon Ada II
10.00-18.00 Download our audio guide and botanize among the various audio tracks.  
10.00-18.00 The temporary exhibition Fresh water - a world of life is open. Stora Tullhuset building, floor 2
10.00-18.00 The art gallery Jagaren shows art from the Artists' Alliance.  The destroyer Småland, in crew accommodation E
10.00-18.00 The temporary exhibition Remembering Lampedusa is open. The destroyer Småland, in crew accommodation D
10.00-18.00 The permanent exhibition Life beneath the surface is availible to visit. The submarine Nordkaparen