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Maritiman Göteborg - Dan Broström

Dan Broström

Harbour ferry in service

Port ferry Dan Broström

The port ferry Dan Broström was built in 1963 at the Bröderna Larsson shipyard in Kristinehamn, after which it was delivered to Gothenburg’s port board. She trafficked the route between Rosenlund and Lindholmen up until 1990, followed by a couple of years conducting port tours with passengers until being purchased by Maritiman in 1994. The ferry was equipped with two Voith-Schneider systems for propulsion, which thanks to their individually adjustable blades allow excellent manoeuvrability and could replace both propellers and rudders.

Matrosen - ferry kitchen & shop

Today Matrosen is housed aboard the ferry Dan Broström and serves homemade Swedish fika and other treats in a setting that awakens your sense of adventure and exploring to life. Here you will also find our gift shop. In it, you can buy top selling favourites and unique, local products. Take the opportunity to bring a seafare memento home or simply place an order online, directly from our webshop (right now only available in Swedish).