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Maritiman Göteborg

Voluntary work

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Our ship associations

The Gothenburg Maritime Centre Association is a friends association for Maritiman and serves as an umbrella organisation for other associations linked to Maritiman’s various vessels. The association was formed in 1986 with the aim of supporting Maritiman, striving to preserve the vessels and help collect and distribute knowledge about the ships.

Membership of the Gothenburg Maritime Centre Association is open to everyone: private individuals and companies, associations and organisations are all welcome. Members of the association support the operation through member fees, voluntary contributions and practical work. Passively supportive and active members with widely varying input and knowledge are a valued asset in the association’s endeavour to create a unique attraction in Gothenburg.


Maritiman is run as a private foundation and is dependent on subsidies from the state, municipality and the business sector. If you would like to help preserve the maritime cultural heritage, or are interested in sharing your time and knowledge, there are various ways that you can help: become a member, work as a volunteer, give a donation or allow your company to participate as a partner.

Start by letting us know what you are interested in and we’ll tell you what opportunities are available.

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