Go to sea in the heart of Gothenburg

Welcome to explore our floating ship museum. On historic water in the heart of Gothenburg, all our prides are moored and ready to get rediscovered by you! Here you can learn a lot of life at sea in a playful and exciting way, without even leaving the quayside. Do you dare to climb down the submarine, where the periscope is the only contact with the daylight and the outside world? Or maybe you prefer the airy expansive view from deck on the destroyer? Then lightships, cargo ships and barges are waiting for you to pattern for awhile. And, do you know what a monitor is? if not you’re soon gonna find out! After all this exploring it’s probably a good time for a snack or a coffee on deck our ocean diner, the Matrosen - Ferry kitchen & Shop, enjoy!

With new energy you got, young people in mind can cope with experiments and cleverness in Virvelina's workshop.