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Maritiman Göteborg

Childrens parties

Celebrate your birthday with us

Childrens parties

A fun and exciting way to celebrate your birthday is to invite your friends to an adventure in Maritiman’s floating world! Tim and Virvelina love to arrange parties, and they always have tricky tasks that they need help solving on board.

Naturally, the highpoint of any party is the adventure together with Virvelina or Tim. When booking, you can choose between solving tricky spy riddles or going on a treasure hunt on board our vessels. After the party, a party lunch will be served on board the destroyer Småland in the party mess, where you can also open presents and play, getting a real feel for what life at sea was like.

Join us as we cast off for new adventures!



  •  A 90-minute guided party led by Virvelina or Tim, divided into a 60-minute adventure, followed by a 30-minute party lunch.
  •  A party lunch consists of 2 hot dogs, a soft drink and a popsicle.
  •  Room hire for the destroyer Småland’s party mess for present opening and lunch for 30 minutes.
  •  A gift for the birthday child.
  •  In addition, all party guests get 10% off all merchandise in the shop, and season tickets on the day of the party.


  •  Goody bags – SEK 39 per child
  •  Exchange the popsicles for a special ice cream cake – SEK 30 per child.
  •  Strawberry cake 500 g (8 pieces) – SEK 280
  •  Strawberry cake 1250 g (20 pieces) – SEK 600 


  •  Preferred date and time.
  •  Any optional extras.
  •  Number of children. The minimum number of children is 10. We can accept a maximum of 15 children for a treasure hunt, and 20 children for an experiment party.
  •  Who is celebrating their birthday and how old they are.