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The exhibition

Meanwhile in Mariupol

Meanwhile in Mariupol

Journalist Viacheslav Tverdokhlib documented, over 23 fateful days in the spring of 2022, the Russian occupation of his hometown through the lens of his camera. To protect himself from shelling, Viacheslav lived in a basement during the blockade and was eventually forced to leave Mariupol on foot. Despite the life-threatening risk, he chose to take the hard drive containing evidence of Russian war crimes.

In the exhibition Meanwhile in Mariupol, visitors have the opportunity to engage with poignant stories about life in and the escape from the war-torn port city in southeastern Ukraine.

The exhibition also provides six women from Mariupol the opportunity to share their experiences of the war. Their stories are connected to various themes and are illustrated with selected images from Viacheslav Tverdokhlib's impressive photo collection. Meanwhile in Mariupol also includes a film based on the 9-year-old boy Egor's diary from the besieged city.

Meanwhile in Mariupol serves as an independent continuation of the exhibition Meanwhile in Ukraine and is displayed during the 2024 season at Maritiman.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the National Defense Historical Museums, the National Museum of Ukraine's History during World War II, Nordic Ukraine Forum, the Ukrainian Association of Östergötland, and, above all, the courageous individuals who have shared their experiences from the siege of Mariupol in 2022.