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Maritiman Göteborg

The Friday Ferry

Happy Friyay

The Friday Ferry

Café Matrosen always has at least the same opening hours as the museum, but sometimes we also host various events on board. During these events, you can join us for game nights, quiz nights, and other fun activities. On selected dates, we now present the FRIDAY FERRY where we immerse ourselves in a special theme for the evening - but of course, everyone who's just looking for great food, drinks, and a lovely atmosphere is always welcome on board. Keep an eye out below and/or on Facebook to never miss a FRIDAY FERRY!



The popular team from Nördquiz is back... and this time at Maritiman!

Bring your friends, enjoy some good food and drinks, and quiz for fabulous prizes. The theme of the evening's quiz is DISNEY!

As usual, the quiz is presented in both English and Swedish. So bring that funny colleague from work, your uncle who's in town for a wedding, and your girlfriend's kids, because Nördquiz is fun for everyone.

The rules are simple:

  • Maximum of five people per team
  • Total ban on mobile phones (yes, you can tattle to us), if we see or hear anyone cheating, they will be disqualified immediately!
  • Great prizes promised for the winners

The doors open at 5:30 PM, and the quiz starts at 6:00 PM. It's a very good idea to book a table to make sure you get a spot; send an email to and indicate how many people are in your team. Depending on the weather and the number of people, we will sit either indoors or outdoors.

Happy quizzing!



Do you enjoy board games in all their forms? Want to meet new people while having fun? Perhaps you're eager to explore new games or looking for gaming buddies to try out the latest game you've just bought or to play your old favorite?

Regardless of the reason, you're welcome to Maritiman and Café Matrosen to play games together with International Board Gamers Gothenburg. International Board Gamers is an association primarily aimed at creating meeting places where people from different parts of the world can meet and forge new friendships through shared gaming joy. All types of games are welcome, from card games that take just a few minutes to strategy games that can last for several hours. This event is free to participate in, so join us for a fun game night and the chance to meet new friends!

Please Note: This event is free to attend, but please consider purchasing snacks, food, and drinks on-site. To simplify the matching process, it's good to be there early in the evening. However, feel free to drop in whenever you can - we'll do our best to find gaming partners for you. Then you can leave when you've won enough times (or got tired of losing)! Please keep your RSVP status updated so that we have an idea of how many to expect. There's plenty of space, but we still appreciate knowing roughly how many guests to expect in advance.

The doors open at 5:30 PM and the event starts at 6:00 PM.