Maritiman, Packhuskajen Göteborg

Maritiman - Utforska karta

Virvelina's world


Have you met our friend Virvelina? Virvelina features in all the child-oriented activities at Maritiman and is a very inventive, brave, adventurous character who just loves spending time with all the young recruits who come to Maritiman.

Download the game app Virvelina’s Adventure (still only in Swedish) and get the family ready for a different, challenging way to visit Maritiman’s vessels. Do you have adventure and inventiveness in your blood? Then we think you should sign up for Expedition Nordis, Virvelina’s secret club. Virvelina also organises an exciting treasure hunt on board for younger children, and a real seafaring party adventure for anyone who wants to have their birthday party at Maritiman.

Please talk to us at Maritiman for more information about our children’s activities!