The art gallery

In the 2021 season, a live art exhibition will be opened on board the destroyer Småland. We welcome artists from the Artists' Alliance who, through various expressions, illustrate maritime environments and moods. The ambition is that both objects and artists will be replaced on an ongoing basis for two-week periods.


Between 28/8-26/9, art from Emma Stark, Inkeri Karlsson and Lily Charlotte Lövenstierne can be seen on board the destroyer Småland.

Emma Stark

My name is Emma Stark and I work as an Tattoo Artist and also with more traditional art. I grew up in a small town in the middle of Swedish “Värmland” county. Now I’m living in the outback North of Gothenburg together with my partner and our two daughters.

I have been working full time as a tattoo artist since 2008, and are running the studio Stark Tattoo and Art in Linné, Gothenburg. The tattoo trade have not only educated me a lot about people. But it’s also been a great way of learning and provide inspiration for my creative side and technical development. I work exclusively with custom designed motives based on the customers wishes. The tattoo trade is a fun balance between a service minded trade and the possibility of making a living on your art.

Through the years I have worked with most techniques, but most recently I have done a lot of watercolors. The motives are quite often realistic and with a lot of details, but I also paint some flowing landscapes. The motives that I keep coming back to mirrors my love and fascination for animals and nature. Art is my way of releasing stress and for meditation.

I have participated in many group exhibitions and also had a few solo exhibitions.

With my “Ship-Cats” (Swedish for Polydactyl cats) I have not only combined two of my big passions; Cats and Tattoo Art. But I have also gotten the opportunity to reflect on two different trades. Seafaring and the art of Tattooing. Both meaning a lot to each other and have gone hand in hand for ages. An interesting history of symbolism, hard labour, subculture and tests of masculinity.

Inkeri Karlsson

I prefer to paint in oil and to paint portraits of people and birds. It's not abstract art, my paintings are easy to visualize but my intention is to tell a story. I am not a marine painter but much to my surprise I have many paintings at home of oceans and lakes. Water is important  for human beings in so many ways.

My father had an academic education in art from St. Petersburg. When I was a little girl he taught me colour schemes , perspective drawing and he showed me classical painting. Nowadays I try to find my own way in painting, but i'ts not easy.

1970-1980 I attended several courses in art/painting in France, Switzerland and England, and studied the history of art at the university of Gothenburg. Later I took a university degree in psychology, and I have been working as a psychologist during 30 years. Sometimes part time so I could continue to paint, meet other artists and teachers from collage of art which gave me guidance in my work.  My family is very important to me, I'm a mother and now also a grandmother.

I have shown my paintings in galleries and arts centres since 1985, one is represented in public, 2005 and 2007.

Lily Charlotte Lövenstierne

I live a fun, varied and exciting life that is filled with valuable encounters and inner and outer journeys that enrich me.

My curiosity about the connection between body and soul showed the way to an education in the Rose Method, which has given me an enormous amount in the meeting with myself and with other people. I am a teacher at heart and has worked as a Special Educator at the school for pupils with learning disabilities, as well as a Rose Therapist in recent years.

As a common thread, creation has always been there; the creativity, in the meeting with clients, students, friends, family, children and situations that have arisen in everyday life. For me, both painting and forging are limitless, where creation becomes an expression of the infinite. Colors, shapes, stones, and metals inspire and speak their own language. I want to create because it's fun and through that I feel good! Then I get in touch with the greatness of life, the beauty, the energy, and the desire to live and get a feeling of closeness to the divine that we all carry within us.


The Artists 'Alliance (KFA) is a Nordic artists' organization for professional visual and design artists and artisans. KFA works to reform the state artist support and introduce a more general income-related artist support on objective criteria.

KFA is a non-profit association that was formed in 2002 and with its headquarters located in Gothenburg. In principle, all active professional artists can join the national organization KFA, including artists from the other Nordic countries. Their main purpose is to act as a network for various associations, where they form an alliance to strengthen artists' conditions in society and present various proposals to the government to improve and renew the labor market for visual and performing artists.