Welcome to Virvelinas workshop

Virvelina is the childs best friend on board. She is inventive, tough and adventurous. Above all, she has a lot of knowledge about boats and sea. But she always needs help from new small recruits, and for that she is happy to tell you all about the ships and their adventures.

Virvelina constantly has new ideas, inventions and cleverness, while at the same time she is good at teaching things. Most of all, she likes staying on our submarine, as she insists on calling Nordis (even though the permanent museum boss says it is called Nordkaparen) If you take the time to listen, she is more than happy to tell you about her grandfather who was a great inventor and the one who actually designed the submarine. At least, Virvelina says that. By the way, you'll recognize her on her self-made dive suit and the special googles she found in an old coffin in her grandfather's inventory. If you want to get to know Virvelina and her world before you arrive at the Maritime, then there’s a game app you can download here. Or why not plan your birthday party here so that all friends can also meet Virvelina?