Maritiman, Packhuskajen Göteborg

Maritiman - Utforska karta


A towboat, as the name suggests, is a boat that has the task of towing larger ships. Towboats are equipped with a strong engine to enable them to move heavy ships carrying a lot of cargo.


About Herkules

The towboat Herkules is a port towboat built in 1939 at the Öresundsvarvet shipyard in Landskrona for CL Hansson Stuveri AB in Gothenburg. With her 750 hp diesel engine she was the strongest towboat in Gothenburg port upon delivery, and the first towboat to be equipped with a KaMeWa propeller, a propeller with a revolving blade to control forward and backward movement by adjusting the angle of the propeller blade.

The Herkules was built during the transition period between steam and engine power, and was fitted with a diesel engine from the beginning but retained the tall funnel characteristic of a steam boat. She is now classified for passenger traffic and was culturally listed in 2002, as she is considered particularly valuable from a cultural historical perspective.

The towboat can be hired by private individuals and companies for a tour of the archipelago. Go to for bookings and further information.