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Cargo ships

Fryken is a cargo ship designed for freight transport on Lake Vänern and the North Sea. She was launched in 1938 in Ålborg, Denmark. After the outbreak of war in 1939, the Fryken could no longer traffic the North Sea, so she was used for freight from northern Sweden to Germany. In 1941 the Fryken was laid up in Stockholm until the war was over. From 1946 to 1961 the ship served the North Sea route and was a highly appreciated workplace for her crew of 19 men.


About Fryken

The cargo ship Fryken was built in 1938 at Aalborgs Værft in Denmark for Ångbåts AB Ferm in Kristinehamn. She then went into Broström’s regular service between the ports in Lake Vänern/Gothenburg and the east coast of Great Britain. The Fryken had a crew of 19 and sailed under the Swedish flag until 1961, when she was sold to Finland. In 1986 she was purchased by Maritiman and returned to Gothenburg.

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