Maritiman, Packhuskajen Göteborg

Maritiman - Utforska karta

The sea and military defence

Compulsory military service was as inescapable and unwelcome as a downpour during a summer picnic. He tried not to think about it, but reality caught up with him when he checked his post one day. His turn had come. And as duty required he turned up, answered the roll call, was examined and stationed. The Swedish Navy was his fate. His new home was Karlskrona and the Naval Warfare Flotilla. His family was replaced by commodores, captains and ensigns. He himself was one of the many assigned the rank of ordinary seaman – a soldier on the lowest rung. His days, weeks and months were filled with military exercises on land and at sea, maintenance of ships and equipment and, of course, pranks and mischief to upset the otherwise pedantic organisation. He came to appreciate life in the navy more than he could ever have imagined. There was something exciting and inexplicable about life at sea that attracted him. So as his military service was coming to an end, he made a decision that would influence the rest of his life. He would become a proud member of the Swedish Navy.

The Swedish Navy

The Swedish Navy is intended to defend Sweden’s borders at sea. The ships are relatively small and suitable for action on coasts and rivers. The navy has a reasonably high capacity for defensive missions.

further reading

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