Maritiman, Packhuskajen Göteborg

Maritiman - Utforska karta

The sailor's adventures

He really had no idea what was in store. Only that the sea was the only way out he could think of. And surely that couldn’t be any worse than staying put…? Leaving home had been the right decision, better late than never. No one could say he hadn’t taken care of his responsibilities. He had done the right thing and waited until both his sisters were married – so that they too could escape the tyranny at home. No doubt he would miss them, but they were now living their own lives and it was high time for him to live his. He would never miss his father, that was for sure. At the age of 21, freedom and adventure beckoned. So he left the plains of western Sweden for the first time. Already on the train to Gothenburg he started dreaming of exotic ports. Of course he would have to work hard, and no doubt there were unknown perils ahead, but it was with a smile on his lips that he caught his first whiff of tar and salty winds. A smell that would soon become the only smell he would ever remember…

A sailor in gothenburg

During the first half of the 20th century, Gothenburg port was flourishing. Trading ships from near and far arrived at the quaysides, which were teeming with life. The crews and cargoes added colour, flavour and smells to the city. The ships also offered constant possibilities for provisions, adventures or even escape.

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