Maritiman, Packhuskajen Göteborg

Maritiman - Utforska karta

The port is a gateway to the world and to adventure

A port has always represented a path out into the big wide world. It is a potential escape route – to exotic countries, adventure and romance. It is no coincidence that port cities and sailors’ lives are frequent, recurring themes in novels, songs and movies. Romance, dreams, drama and tragedy were all natural elements of life at sea. For those left behind on land, the adventure went no further than the quayside, where the ships were moored with promises of adventure, excitement and, in the worst cases, tragedy.

The importance of the port

A port is very important to a city in terms of its economy, its emotions, its population and its development. But perhaps most of all, it is important to its self-image. Port cities like to consider themselves more open and more adventurous than your average city.

Gothenburg as a port city

Gothenburg has always been a port city and remains one today. The people of the city are proud of this fact, even though the overtly clear link to the sea has long since disappeared. At Maritiman we aim to create a place where people can climb aboard the ships and listen to the people who have set sail from Gothenburg.